2007 lightly used C-Leg - no remote - with charger, 2r81 - 160 torsion pylon and Luxon Max left foot shell (28 cm - 10 inches)

Used pretty much for 15 minutes per day to walk into a grocery store and out - not every day however.  Probably three times per week.  The rest of the time it was sitting unused.  The owner now uses a plain non-powered hydraulic 3r60 and ceterus flex rotate foot now which cannot be used on the C-Leg - so it is being sold.  The Ceterus foot has shock and twist (torsion) in addition to being a softer carbon fiber flex foot.  Even with the shortest pylon - this C-Leg was about an inch too tall - and needed a special recessed set-back plate and was STILL about a half inch hiked too tall yet - so enough with the back pain - it is time for it to go.  The set-back plate is shown as the last two pics now mounting the 3r60 knee..  It does look strange - but the trocanter (cant forward of the stump) is sufficient to place the weight properly forward of the knee hinge point as the setup pdf below shows is proper.   The way the flexion on the 3r60 works it compliments the Ceterus flex and rotate of the foot. and can never go out from under the wearer.  The C-Leg is good for an active amputee who wants a postive firm walk - not an occassional wearer.  One needs to be sure it is always fully charged to use it, and have it behave consistently properly; and that was sometimes more trouble than it was worth. 

If you want to use a remote you can buy one - or if you have one for the BROWN leg - you can pair it to this leg and it will work.

Will include the Otto Bock setup instructions from http://media.ottobock.com/prosthetics/knees/c-leg/files/c-leg_instructi…

BRAND NEW 3000 mah Li-ion BATTERY - good for another five years

Selling because the owner was / is not active enough to bothered with a C-Leg.

This leg will walk on arrival and needs no programming upon arrival - as long as you do not disassemble it.

A C-Leg has no foot which can use a shock adapter, and thus it is a stiff walking leg - as are most SNS legs

18 inches tall from bottom of foot to bottom of pyramid mount

The C-Leg is a powered SNS type knee - and requires charging EVERY night, and when the battery ages to the point it cannot put out 3.5 volts - it will not function properly and will either go into "SAFETY" mode or "BICYCLE mode - in which into the latter unexpectedly means it will go out from under you without any further support.  In safety mode it locks up stiff and and can only be walked in like a stick - until recharged.  With a good  battery - it will normally go into "safety mode" - meaning you need to recharge it so it will work again.

Being a powered solution - it is ALWAYS on consuming power - and as power weakens in the battery (mah)  - so too does support get a bit more mushy, but it continues to work.

It is ideal however for an active amputee that negotiates slopes and stairs - and wants a somewhat variable walking gait.

Originally this leg came with a 2200 mah battery - so this replacement battery installed in it will last a bit longer in terms of hours in active use.  The battery itself which is new will last at least five years before it will drop below 3.6 volts and require replacement.

.One can change modes by bouncing the toe or heel - and to return to mode 1 - walking mode - you can also simply connect the charger and it will reset to mode 1 for normal walking

This leg will WALK upon arrival - so long as you never remove the pylon or change the battery without a temporary powering kit; at which point it would go into "NATIVE" mode and would need complete re-programming.

Do not expect Otto Bock to be helpful.  You cannot program the leg yourself as Otto Bock does not allow the software out to the general public; and to do so would require you visit a C-Leg certified practitioner and pay what Otto Bock expects and allows them to charge for their services.  If you want a C-Leg free of Otto Bock and to to simply bolt on yourself, adjust as to alignment and walk - then this is for you.  If you you are taller than about 5'8" - to 5"9" this will probably not work for you - as you CANNOT change pylons without loosing programming sending it it into NATIVE mode - un walk able without new programming.  The Height of this leg combo is 18 inches - and if you need LESS - you cannot use this either as it will go NO SMALLER.


It has some minor scratches and two nicks in the frame at the rear where the set-back plate contacted the frame - not affecting operation


You put this on your existing leg usually by using a pyramid adapter (extra charge) loosening only two of the four female pylon screws and then when you put this in - the alignment is the same.



Cost is $999.00,   There are NO REFUNDS.


You also get a free video on how to bench or static alignment set up the knee properly. You CANNOT buy from Otto Bock or any otf their prostheticists direct; nor their distributors direct, so do not call them to try. The video which comes with this does show how to build a socket.


You CANNOT buy this for someone else, pay for it for someone else, nor as a gift and we would need to see your prescription copy, then followed by the sending us the actual original for our files and you would need to upload a pic of you current leg after payment and specify an insurance carrier and your policy number you want to seek reimbursement from - AFTER the sale.


We have the right to require a pic of the leg after install of the knee also, before continuing to process the reimbursement claim; as the warranty and insurance carrier duty to reimburse you is tied to proper setup of the knee on the socket. We do not guarantee reimbursement but only tell you we can usually accomplish submitting it as a provider.


DO NOT EMAIL US ASKING TO CALL US OR WE CALL YOU. No phone system communications will be done at all. We have a duty to assure the item is properly set up for use so as to not strain the design of the item. For instance an improper bench alignment will put the unit into hyper support mode and consume battery power excessively and can lead to hydraulic cylinder failure.


DO NOT START EMAILING CURIOSITY QUESTIONS, SERIOUS BUYER INQUIRIES ONLY.  "The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not purchase this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If the item is subject to FDA regulation, your status will be verified as an authorized purchaser of this item before shipping of the item."


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