Aluminum Fueled Hydrogen Generator Product

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Pure Hydrogen can be made from Aluminum and Lye by the following equation

Sodium aluminate is produced and pure Hydrogen Gas

2 Al + 2 NaOH + 2 H2O → 2 NaAlO2 + 3 H2

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The reaction has two issues, it is highly exothermic, meaning due the reaction itself it gets hot enough to boil the water of the equation and produce both steam in conjunction with the hydrogen meaning to separate the steam one has to bubble the product though cool water to re-condense the steam in the Hydrogen gas back into aqueous form, and the other issue is fresh feed stock of water must be added to keep producing Hydrogen.   

If you choose this route to produce Hydrogen, you need a source of cheap easy to get aluminum and a place to buy true BULK Sodium Hydroxide, because it can be very expensive purchased in small qualities - a.k.a. like single cans of Crystal Drano - which is Sodium Hydroxide.  The up side - is there is no need to build a beefed up alternator system that can produce the amperage needed for electrolysis.

The serious and dangerous  down side is Sodium Hydroxide eats and dissolves flesh. It is what people call a chemical "burn", but the reality is the only way to stop the reaction is to flood the area immediate ly with water - but that is really too late as people are made of flesh. Thus for instance one drop in an eye will instantly and permanently blind that eye. There is no washing it out - you will ooose sught - period. Take proper precautions when dealing with Sodium Hydroxide, to include proper protective gear at all times especially eye protection

Another down side is if Sodium Hydroxide is left exposed to the air, sodium hydroxide will absorb carbon dioxide, and gradually become sodium carbonate (washing soda / soda ash).which is then useless to produce Hydrogen.

You must depressurize - as in allow the reaction to natually subside - and then open it to feed more aluminum to the generator periodically and clean out the the precipitate Sodium_aluminate periodically and unless the reaction is 100 balanced, the precipitate will be caustic - that is it will chemically burn bare skin and damage painted surfaces etc.

To stop or slow the reaction one must let the water deplete if it gets too hot, and that means something must monitor the heat.  Purity of the Hydrogen gas is measured by a digital gauge and allowed to fill a tank up to 100 psi.

This is not a hydrogen making process for the poor attention to detail type person.

This will make a 9 inch round by 1 foot tall enclosure Rated with a maximum burst pressure of 120 PSI and an operating pressure of 60 psi. 

You will need to drill and cut as required for your design or tap and/or glue fittings in for your lines as you desire.

This is a custom part upon ordering is not refundable nor will be returnable.

Has a suggested design diagram on how to build a good pressure gas housing and why along with a list of materials.

  Four  hours of consulting is available included via email in the purchase price via our message system through this site only.  This item is sold outright and may be used as you see fit. We will not however, assist with unlawful or dangerous implementations of this product.

This is a custom part upon ordering is not refundable nor will be returnable.

This a la carte option does not include, tank, plumbing, gas generator design instructions, pump, hoses, or sensors - housing materials only - you need to have us design a full system for that above to be included.


Pressure Vessel kit - Housing parts only => see

Stainless temperature probe => see

Selectable pressure  and purity gauge - dual digital gauge => see

Float switch => see



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